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AXIS Track Report is your definitive resource for rail-specific, project bid opportunities selectively sourced from railroads, DOTs, rail/transit/port authorities, as well as private and public rail entities throughout the US. In addition to rail project reporting, AXIS offers contractors, engineers, design firms, manufacturers and project owners new management tools so that you can be more efficient and effective. AXIS Track Report tools can save you time with a ‘one-click’ Bid Bond Request form and a ‘one-click’ Railroad Protective form for all projects. Click and email to your insurance or bonding agent for quicker turnaround!

Making you better, makes us better.

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Want to choose more profitable business opportunities?
Select your upcoming projects…don’t let your jobs choose you! With AXIS’ service, your new business development manager can sort/sift through dozens of new projects each week, see what’s in planning for years ahead, or what might be up for bid this month! Need a small project to keep your crews busy before that big one coming up? Sort by ‘bid date’ and see what’s shakin’ NOW!

I’m a smaller or specialty contractor, is AXIS a good fit?
Abso-freakin-lutely! While we are diligent about posting both big and small projects, we also do our best to post bid results (when available), such that smaller or specialty firms can reach out to the bid winner. This can be a tremendous asset for a collaborative effort on jobs that might have seemed ‘too large’ to handle alone.

My company is a YUUGGGE multinational firm…what can AXIS offer?
AXIS has many of the ENR top 400 as subscribers! Why? Because we specialize in listing rail work. Nothing else. So if your company has other data subscription services, but find it to be laborious and inefficient to sift through ‘those guys’ reports for your firms ‘rail division’..we gotcha covered! If your company would benefit from multiple subscribers (even in various locations) please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to work up a customized access package for many users at multiple locations!

Easy, powerful and always available service?
Yeppers! If the internet is on…we’re on!

Comprehensive? Customizable?
If by comprehensive, you mean ‘rail’ specific…yes! Customizable? Yes! Using our ‘Dashboard’ tools can allow you to focus on ‘a’ single or group of states, and search/sort by keyword and/or project type. Only interested in multi-multi-million dollar BIG JOBS? Use our min/max project value tool.

Need railroad protective or bonding insurance?
We have a decades-long working alliance with a firm that specializes in insuring all things railroad. Licensed agent David Armstrong at Commercial Insurance Associates can be reached by phone at 615.668.1177, fax (if you still remember those) at 615.515.6048, or email.

To expedite your insurance request, please fill-out and submit a Railroad Protective Application and/or Bid Bond Request form. To learn more about how AXIS and Commercial Insurance Associates work together, you can also check out our mini-video here.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

I’m a manufacturer or supplier, what about me?
If your company manufactures or supplies widgets used in rail construction projects, wouldn’t you like to know who’s designing ‘that’ project so you can get your part spec’d out in the plans?! You have eleventy-billion widgets ready to sell? Find out who is on the bidders list, find out who was awarded the project and reach out to those folks!

I’m just a salesman for XYZ rail products…good fit?
Yep! AXIS is a tremendous source for data. Rail. Specific. Data. Imagine having a one-click database of rail industry contacts, 10,000+ strong that you can reach out to, and start a conversation to exclusively use your company as it’s widget supplier!? An annual AXIS subscription shouldn’t be a hard sell for you to make to your sales manager/owner for a ton of new business opportunities!

My company produces ultra-specialized, very expensive widgets…AXIS helps us??
If your product(s) or service(s) are rail related..wouldn’t you like to know which firm was recently awarded ‘that’ project?! They just got bankrolled…go sell your wares!

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