AXIS is an entirely new (and better) way to follow and manage your rail project opportunities. AXIS subscribers do not wait for faxed or emailed project reports filled with relevant and irrelevant projects. Our subscribers can easily search/filter our extensive rail project database any time day or night to find, to watch, to bid and to win new rail opportunities that are specifically relevant to you.

In addition to the world-class AXIS rail project database, we currently offer a number of project management tools to help you be more efficient and effective. Worth noting too is that we have many more cool AXIS tools in-development. Remember, we focus on doing what we do, so you can focus on doing what you do.

AXIS provides an invaluable service to railroads, rail project design firms, rail project engineers, rail project contractors and rail supply firms. Please spend a few minutes on our site to learn more about how we can best serve you. Remember, we are railroaders serving fellow railroaders, and that makes all the difference.

“Our engineering firm frequently bids numerous railroad projects at the same time. The AXIS Track Report web portal helps us to manage multiple bid advertisements to access qualified track contractors and meet client requirements, deliver critical project documents in real time, and provide up-dates instantly for pre-bid meeting announcements, addenda and bid openings. Using AXIS typically results in more competitive pricing and better bidding outcomes for our customers.”

Paul Jannotti, President
Jannotti Rail Consulting, Inc

“The AXIS Track Report, via its online capabilities, has bridged an important information gap by providing instant announcements of our bid solicitations and Requests for Proposals. AXIS accomplishes these results within virtually minutes of receiving our contracting advertisement requests. Their performance surpasses the Rail Authority’s requirements and has allowed our Agency to meet rigid government regulations.”

Jeff Stover, Executive Director
SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority

“David and Hunter Armstrong’s new AXIS Track Report is well worth the price of admission. These guys have spent their entire careers within the railroad contracting space, so they know what we need. AXIS is a spot-on solution to help us grow our railroad contracting business.”

Mark Snailham
Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc.

“AXIS does a wonderful job presenting projects to the track construction industry. Information is the key to success, and AXIS Track Report satisfies this need.”

John Zuspan
Track Guy Consultants

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