AXIS is a powerful, project driven database that is accessible 24/7, 365 days/year!

Technical Questions and Comments for using the AXIS Website.

Technical Requirements and Specifications for using AXIS

AXIS login credentials and an internet connected device (Apple/Mac/Windows)

Please email darmstrong2@axistrackreport.com with any questions or concerns.

Why do I have to input my username and password every time I access AXIS?

You shouldn’t have to. We built the system to remember you. If you are having to input this each time, simply change your browser setting to allow cookies from www.AXISTrackReport.com

Technical Requirements and Specifications for using AXIS

 …if you’re here…you have the necessary hardware/software 🙂

Any problems or questions?

General FAQs

How many projects are there in the database?

In short…thousands.

AXIS subscribers have real-time, instant-access to our project database 24/7/365.

The number of projects in the database report varies each week (typ 80-120 new) but you can always get the most relevant projects for your business by using your ‘Dashboard’ to search/filter/sort pertinent projects.

How can I find... ?

You’re a contractor wanting to find a supplier?

Manufacturer looking for new business leads?

Owner looking for a design firm?

Use our Directory https://axistrackreport.com/member/directory to connect with the right folks!

Can I try AXIS before I subscribe to AXIS?


Please go here to set-up free, 2 week, access or subscribe for unlimited annual use



Ways to Access:

Anyone can sign up for our free 2 week demo! If you’re interested in getting unbridled information all the time for you, your estimators, and/or new business development manager(s); you can subscribe for annual single or add multiple users for tremendous (over 90%!) savings. If you routinely solicit bids for rail projects you manage, you may qualify for discounted (or even free!) access as well!


Two Week Demo-


Welcome to your AXIS 2 week Trial!

Thanks for signing up! This trial *does not* include full-access, but test-driving is still a great way to checkout AXIS to see how we can help your business grow! Please fill-out the information below and enjoy your trial. We’ll have you up and going shortly!




Welcome Annual Subscriber! We’re excited to work with you! Your subscription will automatically start within the next 24 hours. We’ll also send an introductory email shortly to ensure that you are up and running and are able to take full advantage of our service!


Rail Project Owner-


Sharing is Caring! If you regularly solicit bids for rail-related work that you or your client need completed, then this is an outstanding offer and value for you. If you qualify, you receive a complimentary annual subscription (limited-access, but free). In return, we require that you share any and all rail projects with us on a regular basis. Please fill-out the required information below and submit. We will contact you shortly to confirm your status. Thank you.

I am not receiving AXIS Push Reports in my email inbox and I want those.

If you are an existing subscriber, please email/call/text us ASAP. If not…SIGN UP for free! 🙂

Two Week Free Trial

I like the 3x/wk Push Reports, how do I find more projects?

If you’re getting our M-W-F project reports, but want more?! You can use your ‘Dashboard’ tab to search/filter/sort projects that best suit your business. Need help? Give us a call/text/email..and we’ll reach out to make sure you know how to optimize use of our database!

I like AXIS Push Reports, can I just limit the states I am monitoring in these Reports?

You betcha. 

If you want to find and follow the most railroad projects, you need to visit our website frequently and search our database regularly. Once you find projects that fit your parameters, check the box (to the left) and click “track”…you’ll receive (email/text- if you choose) notifications whenever we update/change status/ or add documents to tracked project(s).

If this sounds complicated..it’s not. Holler/email/text/call…and we’ll get it sorted for you!

Get Your Free Trial:

Sign up for a two week free trial, or contact us for more information.