Frequently Asked Questions:

We built AXIS to be easy-to-use and something that you can access around the clock. If you want to know how to set-up AXIS to send change notices to your email, then check the AXIS FAQ page that contains easy to understand answers to common questions. We will continually update this section for your review.

Technical Questions and Comments for using the AXIS Website.

  • You need a computer and an internet connection. 

    You need an AXIS log-on user name and password. 

    Any internet browser will work with our website, but if you do have any problems, please reach out to our technical team at [email protected]  

    We're always happy to help!

  • Please enjoy 2 minutes worth of nearly Emmy-nominated AXIS video content. Want a no nonsense guide to using the AXIS Dashboard? Check-out this video here (or
  • You shouldn't have to. We built the system to remember you. If you are having to input this each time, simply change your browser setting to allow cookies from and Instructions for changing your cookie permission can be found quickly by Googling the name of your browser followed by "enable cookies." Ex: Google - "Internet Explorer enable cookies" or "Chrome browser enable cookies" or "Firefox enable cookies". 

General FAQs

  • AXIS subscribers have real-time, instant-access to our whole project database 24/7/365 via the web. This means you can follow everything or just those that fit your job-requirement/geographic/etc parameters. We do not selectively choose projects to show you in a daily fax/report so that you have to remember what you saw and when and where. 

    The number of active projects in the database varies each week but you will always get the most relevant projects of interest to you by reviewing your three times per week AXIS report.

  • Our research team uses the latest technology for most project discovery which includes the web, industry reports, trade publications, engineering firms, railroads, and good old-fashioned rail industry relationships forged over decades. Unlike other lead services, we have human content management to ensure all projects are truly rail industry specific!
  •  AXIS subscription is a bargain considering what AXIS does for our subscribers: 

    1) New business leads. One new job pays for your AXIS subscription cost many times over.  If you prefer, you are hiring AXIS for less than $6.85/day so that our full project research team and  technology can search thousands of websites and publications making sure you are seeing new railroad opportunities that you can follow, bid and win. 

    2) AXIS Marketplace is available to all of our members so you can find and be found by fellow subscribers and project owners that may be looking for help that you can provide. 


  • Absolutely. 

    Please go here to set-up your free trial subscription to AXIS (or here as well:
  • We have a real live content management team researching/monitoring countless electronic channels. We have long-term relationships with project owners and engineers who send us information directly. We talk. We listen. We read. We email. We call. We call again. We email again. Did I mention we call? Yes.

    Whatever information we can ascertain about a project will find a home within the AXIS database project page within one of the five tabs there.

    Some projects have voluminous data/information/details. Some have almost none that is made publicly available. We reach out to get that additional detail to you.

    Most importantly, we are 100% committed to improving the quality of our projects. We will continue to develop programs, call campaigns, etc to make sure that project information continues to improve over time.  We promise.
  • Call us ASAP. Specifically, call Dave Power at 615.400.8963.

Project How-To's

  • AXIS sends regular reports, but you are not paying us for those. You are paying us for our online, web powered database! If you are not visiting our website frequently and regularly, you need to. Want help, contact us directly we are happy to walk you through so you will know how best to exploit our service.

    Why is AXIS AN online database?  The biggest problem with a daily report is that the majority of it includes things that each individual subscriber does not even want to see because a report is published for "everyone." AXIS let's you see only what you want to see...whenever you want to see it. Let's walk through AXIS projects. 

    It all happens from your dashboard. Subscribers should log-in to the site (LogIn tab top right corner although system usually remembers you once you log-in). Either way, you can get to the dashboard using the Dashboard tab in the top right corner. 

    Within your Dashboard, the "Find Projects" box does what it says, so let's go there. You can either search by "state" or "type" or simply "View all projects," which I will suggest now. BTW, we have 200+ projects in our database, and you are now looking at the first 50 of those. Use the search criteria in the box at the top of the list to start narrowing your search. Have at it! Try different combos of searches, whatever. 

    If you want to see more complete details about any project, click on it. 

     There are four tabs within a project: 

    1. Project Info tab - general details and default page. 
    2. Key Contact tab - gives you project owner(s) name and contact data 
    3. Files for Review tab - when available, we include project docs here 
    4. Plan Holders tab - we try to capture this info if readily available and include it here. 5. Bids tab - for post-bid info capture when project owner shares.

    Find a project you want to follow automatically? The "Follow this Project" button on the top of the project info does that for you. Now you can see that one and all of your followed projects in the box in the middle of your dashboard. Click how you want to be notified (text, email or neither/both) when/if we make a change to that followed project too. Cool! 

    One tab in that middle Dashboard box is for followed projects, the other shows the last 5 projects AXIS put into the overall database. Note: we are presently refacing that "Project Info" page to be easier to read and to include more data fields, but you get the picture. 

    That's a snapshot, but hopefully you can already see how powerful and effective AXIS is. To learn more and get comfortable with the AXIS engine I suggest just trying pages and searches and buttons and screens. Lots there and it is fun to explore.
  • You betcha. 

    If you want to find and follow the most railroad projects, you need to visit our website frequently and search our database regularly. Period. Find projects that fit your parameters, click to "follow" those and then we send you notifications whenever we update/change/enhance that underlying project. You tell AXIS what you want to follow once, then AXIS takes it from there. Money.

    That said, if you would like to also receive daily reports from us, we can oblige as well. Recently we rolled-out two new functionalities based on subscriber requests:

    1. Push Reports: This is a regular report sent to our subscribers. It is basically a list of newly entered AXIS database rail projects for the trailing-7 days. Each project synopsis in a Push Report gives you basic information. If you want to learn more about the project, you simply click on the hotlink, which takes you to that project's complete AXIS project profile. Reading this once or twice a week helps you make sure that you are not missing anything!

    2. Push Reports-State Specific: Only want to learn about newly entered AXIS rail projects in particular states? We have you covered there too. This "States" report is less frequent, but probably allot more on-point for most of our community members. 

    Want either/both of these AXIS reports? Please visit your AXIS Dashboard and look for your profile section in the bottom right hand corner of the Dashboard. There you will find a "Your Profiles & Settings" box.  Within there, click on "Edit Settings & Notifications" to opt-in or opt-out of both of these reports.

    Cool? We think so and so do you (based on all our feedback to-date.)