About Us:

We are a group of career railroaders who have been serving our industry for many years and specifically providing rail project reporting services for the last decade. AXIS Track Report is project reporting service that is focused on the rail industry exclusively.

Meet The Team

David Armstrong


For 30+ years, David has helped railroad contractors and railroad engineering firms manage their rail project risk exposure. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps (Vietnam era,) David worked as a track laborer for a private railroad contractor during his college years. Graduating from Memphis State, David spent 25 years at insurance broker Willis. More recently he serves as a Principal at Commercial Insurance Associates as their Rail Industry Practice leader.

In addition to providing financial service solutions to the railroad industry for all these years, he has also been an active member and contributor to various industry trade groups such as the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (“NRC”) where he is an active Board member today. He is also a member of the American Shortline and Regional Railroad Association, and founded the first rail industry focused project announcement service in 2002. In 2011 he was instrumental in establishing the AXIS Track Report service.

David also hosts/underwrites an annual conference that brings together notable corporate and academic railroad industry experts to discuss rail risk management and contractual issues. David knows rail and rail knows David.

Hunter Armstrong

Hunter is the President of AXIS Track Report. He held a similar role at Hunter Information Services dba the Rail Project Guide for nearly 10 years as well. Hunter knows rail project reporting and the rail project reporting community knows Hunter.

Dave Power

Although he looks like a kid, Dave does have a 20+ year career has been within the financial services industry…the last-half of this serving the small business marketplace. He has been a licensed stockbroker, institutional currency and bond trader, MBA student/graduate, VP of Marketing, Senior Manager of M&A and small business owner.

Dave has a beautiful and talented wife and daughter, and he is an avid cyclist and active USACycling motoref.

The Rest of the Team

Any team is only as successful as the group supporting it. Please note that the entire AXIS Team (management, employees, stakeholders and alliance partners) represent decades of small business, rail industry and technology excellence. We are 100% dedicated to presenting rail projects that will help you do more and better rail business.